Free Shipping w/in 5 km radius.

Easy in-house installment

Easy in-house installment


Step 1: Complete the application form online (click here) or by visiting the store nearest you (See Store Locator)
Step 2: Wait for the confirmation on the schedule of your assessment. Our representative will call you to confirm the date of our visit. Make sure to have your requirements ready.
Step 3: Once your application is approved, you will get a text from us inviting you to visit the store. Confirm the item(s) of your choice, sign the contract, and take your new item home.

What are the requirements?

You will need to provide (1) One Valid ID, (2) Proof of Income

What are the items available for financing?

Appliances, Gadgets, and Furniture are all available for financing. Provided, total amount is at least Php 3,000.00

Is down payment required?

For most items, your first monthly payment is enough. However, for some items (i.e., gadgets, high value items) down payment may be required.
What are the terms available?
Gadgets – max of 6 months
Furniture – max of 9 months
Appliances – max of 12 months