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Handling Fraud

We, at 1st Megasaver recognize the fact that fraud is a constant challenge for all merchants doing business on the internet. This is a reason why we are very careful in selecting our tie-ups for our payment gateway. We make sure that our partners are capable of securing our transactions passing through their facilities.

Nonetheless, on the event of fraud, the following procedures apply:

  1. We will request you to state the nature of the circumstances where the possible fraud has been discovered. This is to get pertinent details that may help us on looking into the case.
  2. We will immediately coordinate with appropriate entities to determine valid courses of action depending on the results of the probe.
  3. You will be informed as we progress and we may ask you to provide additional information as necessary.
  4. If findings require us to endorse your case to another entity, we will ensure that you will be properly introduced and all needed information completely turned over.
It is critical that any irregularity noticed on your transactions with 1st Megasaver is reported to us the soonest for our immediate action and investigation. We will not be liable for any loss of information or possible critical electronic evidence that may support your suspected fraud inquiry particularly if there is delay on giving us notice.

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