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Privacy Policy


  1. We have a team taking care of our information technology infrastructure. They make sure that our electronic information and our equipment are secured.
  2. We do not share customer data with our employees or with third parties who link with our site. Sites linking to us have their own Privacy Policy and 1st Megasaver is in no way related or should not in any way be affected by their individual terms or process.


  1. When you register to our site, information we gather include your full name, complete and postable address, contact details and e-mail address.
  2. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your nominated e-mail address together with your temporary password. You will use this to verify your registration.
  3. Your verified e-mail address and password are required when placing orders, sending inquiries or contacting our customer service. You may update these details any time.
  4. None of your card security details will be retained on our database.
  5. Information gathered by 1st Megasaver will be basically used for the following:
  6. Serving your transactions and contacting you for matters related to your orders or inquiries
  7. Sending product updates or promotions
  8. Measuring our site usage to aid plans for improvements
  9. Market analysis
  10. Our website will continuously improve and our Privacy Policy may change without prior notice. Rest assured, our commitment to protect your personal information will be an utmost priority.
  11. Major changes on our policies will be reflected on our site. Critical issues that may affect individual accounts may be sent via the currently registered e-mail addresses.
  12. When you register to our website, you are confirming your understanding and acceptance of our privacy terms and policies.


  1. Our website will keep your information for the purpose of servicing you as a customer. Any further than that duration will be due to the reason of security, archiving, record keeping, or other legitimate purposes.
  2. Our team has a process in place to ensure safe deletion and disposalof files pertaining to personal information.
  3. For any requests or concerns regarding our information retention and data deletion, please contact us at customercare@1stmegasaver.com.ph

For further inquiries regarding our Privacy Policy, you may contact

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