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ELBA Electric Oven AC 425-825 MR

ELBA Electric Oven AC 425-825 MR


  • 60 cm electric convection oven
  • Mirror glass design with stainless steel handle​
  • Dimensions: 59.5 x 59.5 cm (W x H)

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Number of functions: 9


​​Oven light 
It allows to illuminate the inside of the oven, in order to control the cooking status of the food.


​​​​​Conventional Cooking (Upper & Lower heating)
The heat comes simultaneously from the top as well as from the bottom of the oven. This function is the perfect solution for cooking pizza, cakes, roasting and baking of any kind and also for fat meats like duck or goose.


​​​Base heat only
The heat coming only from the bottom side allows to complete the cooking of food that requires a higher ​temperature on the base. This function is perfect to complete the cooking of cakes, salty cakes, pizzas, slow cooking and pastry.


​​​Top heat only
The heat coming only from the upper side of the oven allows to complete the cooking of those dishes that require a light browning on the surface. This is ideal to complete the cooking of roasts and vegetables.


​​Rotisserie combined with grill element
The rotisserie function activation is combined with the grilling element to ensure uniform browning all over the surface of the food.


​​​Fan assisted grilling
The fan combined with the grill function enhances and makes faster the operations of grilling and cooking of gratin, with a major distribution of the heat avoiding the burning of the surface.


​​Conventional Cooking with fan assisted
The operation of the fan combined with the conventional cooking spreads the heat evenly throughout the oven. This is perfect to cook food that requires the same level of cooking inside as well as outside, like roasts, fish, chickens, turkey and big meats. It is also possible to cook many meats simultaneously on more levels.


​​​True fan cooking
The combination between the fan and the heating element located around the fan, allows the cooking of many kinds of food allocated in more levels, without mixing flavours and smells. This function is particularly indicated for cooking those foods that need to be well cooked on the outside and on the same time, stay tender and juicy in the inside.


When the defrosting function is set, only the fan works without the heating element. This allows the circulation of the air evenly inside the oven and facilitates a rapid defrost of frozen foods.


• Touch sensitive electronic programmer with knob controls
• Digital display
• Built-in cooling fan
• Catalytic self-cleaning panels
• Easy to clean enamel coating
• Net Volume (liters): 53 L
• Double glass door with removable inner glass door
• Accessories: tray, shelf, grease filter, pastry plate

Overall dimension (W x H):: 595mm x 595mm
Installation cut-out sizes (W x D x H): 560mm x 550mm x 591mm (Under the Counter)
Installation cut-out sizes (W x D x H): 560mm x 550mm x 585mm (Wall Mount)
Maximum Electric Input: 2365W
Power Supply: 220V / 15A / 60Hz


  • The oven can be fitted in standard units, width and depth 60 cm. Installation requires a compartment as illustrated in figure 1. On the lover side, the oven must lay on supports standing the oven weight.


  • When correctly installed, your product meets all safety requirements laid down for this type of product category. However special care should be taken around the rear or the underneath of the appliance as these areas are not designed or intended to be touched and may contain sharp or rough edges, that may cause injury.
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